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Our Mission Statement

At Moulton Pre-School, we aim to ensure that all children are included treated and respected as individuals by offering a safe, stimulating and comfortable environment, whilst providing high quality of care and education.

Our goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle by promoting exercise, nutritional knowledge and building a sound foundation for well-being. Staff members surround themselves and the children with fun and enjoyment ensuring each child has quality time and attention based on their own person interests and views.

Our focus is developing children’s existing skills by building their knowledge using their interests, giving each child opportunities to engage in all aspects of play, sharing, learning and working together. We recognise that if children are happy, confident and well cared for they are more likely to progress and achieve a high standard of development.

Children learn through play and we seek to provide the physical resources and emotional support to enable children to fulfil the foundation stage of the curriculum. Our objective is to provide all this and more in which the children can feel happy and at home to enable them to fulfil their individual potential.