Moulton Pre-School: Auntie Kim

Auntie Kim

Deputy Manager

BA (Hons)

In 1995, when my youngest child Ben started pre-school, a position of helper became available at his Pre-school. I applied and got the job and worked there until we moved to Cheshire in late 1997. On Ben’s visit to Moulton Preschool I was told there was a vacancy for an assistant.

With encouragement from management, I applied for the vacancy and got the job. I started work at Moulton Pre-school in February 1998 and am still working there 22 years later. Immediately upon starting work I fell in love with the Pre-school, the dedication and warmth of the staff and the children have just been amazing.

The Pre-school encouraged its entire staff to gain qualifications and so I first embarked on my NVQ and later I decided to study for my degree. This was something that was very challenging at the time as I continued to work, run my home and study at the same time!

However, I very much enjoyed studying and feel it had a big impact on my knowledge and professionalism. Working at Moulton Pre-school is my dream job, I have loved every minute of it and I hope I have played a positive part in the development of the many children I have taught.